Welcome to my blog!  I’m Mary Maupin, a painter who works in oil and/or acrylic on canvas.  I’m inspired by the landscape around me and the colors in my mind, as you can see from my paintings. I will be posting images of my paintings here. For more information about my paintings or to commission a piece, see “Contact & Pricing Info.” above.

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I hope you enjoy this blog!  I welcome your comments.

As of summer, 2013, in addition to my paintings I’m posting images of my COLLAGES and OTHER FUN PROJECTS in the pages above with those names.

Village in Slovenia

donated to auction, church of the AdvocateThis collage, 8″ x 10″, is a donation

to an auction/benefit for Church of

the Advocate, a program that

feeds and assists homeless people

in Asheville, N.C.  Notice the small

bits of fabric in the collage.



Oil on canvas, 26″ x 30″ framed.  Can be seen at New Morning Gallery, Asheville, N. C.



cabin in woods                                                         

  oil on canvas, 17″ x 21″ , at New Morning Gallery, Asheville


Laurel River

The Laurel River runs through Madison County, North Carolina.

Oil on canvas, 38″ x 52″.   sold


This winter is going to tough on a lot of people.  Unemployment in Madison County, where I live, is 8.4%.  Extended unemployment benefits in North Carolina have been eliminated.  Our local Department of Social Services has run out of winter fuel assistance money.  And now food stamps which many poverty-stricken families rely on have been reduced by our State Legislature.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to have a benefit sale.  This sale will benefit 3 entities:  a local extremely well-run charity in Madison County called Neighbors-in-Need, you the buyer, and me the seller :).  Here’s the deal:  I have several paintings that I’ll be selling for 2/3 of their original price.   You’ll get 1/3 off, I’ll get 1/3, and I’ll donate 1/3 to Neighbors-in-Need.  Confusing?  Here’s an example: if a painting is $1200, you will buy the painting from me for $800, I’ll keep $400, and I’ll give Neighbors-in Need $400. You can see the sale paintings by clicking on “BENEFIT SALE” at the top of this page. (The prices listed ARE the sale prices, already at least 1/3 off the original price.)

If you’re interested in buying a painting and at the same time contributing to a very good cause (actually, 2 very good causes, Neighbors-in-Need and me!) take a look at the benefit paintings posted here.  My contact information is marymaupin43@gmail.com or 828-689-3379.  And thanks ever so much!



Oil on canvas.  35.5" x 42".Oil on Canvas.   35.5″ x 42″ framed             sold


WILD COVEoil on canvas, 35″ x 43″

My friends spend the summer at this lovely place in Twillingate, Newfoundland.


camelsCamel market in north India, from photos by Aaron Brumo.  Acrylic on canvas, 37.5  x 51.5″ framed.



oil on canvas, 20.5″ x 24″ framed       sold


Mountain Road 1

A new version of a road I particularly like, in Madison County, N.C.      

Oil on canvas, 36″ x 44″.      Currently at New Morning Gallery in Asheville.


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