Welcome to my blog!  I’m Mary Maupin, a painter who works in oil and/or acrylic on canvas.  I’m inspired by the landscape around me and the colors in my mind, as you can see from my paintings. I will be posting images of my paintings and collages here. For more information about my work or to commission a piece, see “Contact & Pricing Info.” above.

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Crestone Morning and Evening

Crestone, morning and evening
                                                    oil on canvas, 6 ft. x 20 in.

Shelton Laurel Farm

farm on Shelton Laurel.jpg

Recently finished collage on back of box, 9″ x 11″ x 2″. Bits of fabric are glued onto a print of my much larger oil painting

Painted Table

A friend had this table made and asked me to design and paint it. It now lives on Cape Cod.

table,side view.jpg

table.jpg Here it is in its new home.

Landscape for a couple on a new path…

hi res.JPG

Oil on canvas, 56″ x 58″        April, 2018

landscape with painter.jpg  for perspective–artist and painting


If you need to unfollow me because of this post, so be it.  This will be the only non-art entry I will post on my blog, and I’m doing so because I simply cannot sit by quietly and let whatever happens happen.  You shouldn’t either.  Add: for some reason, WordPress has closed comments on this post.  Feel free to repost this post!

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Charles Blow of the New York Times reminds his readers that the election of Donald Trump is far from normal.      The durability of our democracy is not destined. It is not impervious to …

Source: Charles Blow: The Catastrophe that is Donald Trump


Blue Table Red Chair

36″ x 44″, oil on canvas.

CANOLA FIELD, early spring

Oil on canvas, 36

                         Oil on canvas, 36″x 38″ framed

  New Morning Gallery, Asheville        sold



Andros Island  This little painting (16.5″ x 21.5″ framed, oil and acrylic on canvas) was sold in a silent auction Feb. 21st, on the Island in Marshall, N.C.  All proceeds from this auction went to Neighbors In Need, a local organization that assists people who are not able to pay for heating costs, food, health care, etc.


Farm on Shelton Laurel

Oil on canvas, 40″ x 44″



New Lisbon

Oil on Canvas, 16″ x 20″  

Commission for someone who grew up in this sweet small town

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