Painted Table

A friend had this table made and asked me to design and paint it. It now lives on Cape Cod.

table,side view.jpg

table.jpg Here it is in its new home.


12 thoughts on “Painted Table

  1. Mary, the table is wonderful. Your lucky friends on Cape Cod. You are multi talented and you keep showing new talents and creativity.


  2. Mary, I am truly taken by your ability to see a piece and artistically make it right for any given space! You did that for us and you’ve done it with this table… Beautiful!


  3. Love the table, Mary! Of course, I’ve been loving your work all my life. Not entirely sure that I have seen you in-person since you taught art lessons on your back porch in T.P, but I’d still see your paintings when I’d go back to visit and Margaret has been pretty great about posting pics over the years. fondly, David


    • David–how good to hear from you and thanks for your sweet comments! I do hear about you from Margaret–would be good to see you. If you ever pass through Asheville you would be welcome to stay with us.


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