I’m having a really hard time painting in the current atmosphere of my country, the very real potential demise of our democracy. I’m filled with despair, trying to ward off despair. I subscribe to Heather Cox Richardson’s thoughtful blog, Letters from an American. The following is what she posted yesterday: (underline in last sentence is mine)

“So here’s my two cents. This is not normal political behavior. This is not normal partisanship. While, as you must know by now, I believe that the future always remains unwritten and we can always change the outcome until it is, the steps Trump takes are consistent with the rise of a dictator. And now with him freed from the cloud of impeachment, we appear to be entering a new phase of escalation. It looks like he is beginning to single out his opponents for punishment, justifying it with the argument that those opponents are hurting America.

While it is not time to panic, it is definitely time to keep up pressure on your senators and representatives, to take up oxygen defending the rule of law, to demand hand-marked paper ballots in the 2020 election, and to work for candidates of your choice not only for the presidency but also for the House and Senate, candidates who will defend our democracy. And if you find it all too much to face, remember that refusing to let this administration throw you off track and instead going about your day is an act of resistance. And so, in this era, is simply being kind and honest, when so many people are trading on hatred and lies.”

5 thoughts on “Despair

  1. Thank you Mary, I needed this….since Rush Limbaugh was anointed with the Medal of Freedom in front of Congress, I have moved from my previous MO, “this is really scary…,” to, “I am really scared…,” which is a huge shift. I don’t want to stay in that place, but it’s going to get harder every day. Thank you for your two cents!!!
    Jan Boyle, who used to live in Mars Hill and moved back to Rochester, NY!


  2. Hey Mary,

    Not sure how to respond to your post. I haven’t been able to do art for so long that I forget when I last created anything. It is so much a part of your life, I’m sure this is debilitating for you. But you can’t let that happen. That’s too much like giving up…and we can’t do that. Let it go for a while, I know you’ve done that before. If I’m talking trash, just ignore me. You’re worth keeping in it…whatever it is. your friend, Sharon

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