My Benefit Sale is now ongoing.   Please go to the page “COLLAGES” in the bar at the top of my home page.  There you can choose any collage you wish to order.  Some sample collages are below. All collages are $150. I will donate $50 of each order to Doctors Without Borders ( .  If you are interested in purchasing a collage, you can contact me at  And thank you so much!

Each collage is  8″ x 10″ x 2″ , done on a print of one of my larger paintings, or on a print of one of my photographs. The print is applied to the back of a shallow box.  Then, I glue many small pieces of fabric onto the print.  The collage is framed with fabric around the sides of the box.

     SF            Grapevine Valley/collage        

  Blue Marshall

     QUEEN ANNE'S LACE        Asheville collage Farm in the Smokys

                               Flow, $135, sold to Cathy Bennett's mother, Oct. 2012









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